With this wonderful and beneficial massage, during which your body is stripped of toxins of all sorts, you will completely relax. During this treatment you will experience a massage, by using warm herbal stamps containing 49 alkalizing herbs. It restores the PH balance with the use of different salts and stimulating ginger and citrus oil, which have a warming effect on the body. The toxins leave the body and acids are restored to their natural balance. This all has a salutary effect on the muscles in your body, giving you a full cleanse.

A full cleansing

The detox massage is a full body massage that has a deep cleansing effect on your entire body. The warmth of the herbal stamps penetrates deep into your skin and into your muscles. The herbs have a strong drifting effect on toxins that accumulate daily in your body. These toxins acidify your muscles, impeding you in your freedom of movement. A detox massage is therefore recommended for everyone to cleanse the body and the mind and remain healthy. It is purifying, not only cleaning your body, but also warming you, giving you a fully relaxed feeling, with the aroma’s that are released by the use of the herbs. This is a massage that will do wonders for you.


Doctor Feelgood stands for top quality therapeutic massage. We work with the levels Pro, Top and Master according to their level of skill and experience. With the Body-Intake you get the attention and treatment you need. All massages include the best equipment, pure Jojoba and aromatherapy oils and use of our signature Deep Muscle Therapy, Hot Mud and Stone treatment.


Our most well-rounded and experienced therapists. Deep connective tissue work, trigger point, myofascial release, injury-related, energy work, passive stretching, range of motion, pressure point, reflexology you name it these therapists can throw it all in the mix. The perfect anatomical experience that will send you to the moon and back!

DF Master Therapists work experience after finished education: at least 10-15 years.

30 min
70 euro
45 min
80 euro
60 min
90 euro
75 min
100 euro
90 min
125 euro
120 min
150 euro

Please arrive ten to fifteen minutes before your scheduled appointment time to unwind with a our PH Balance tea and the body-intake. So you can start your treatment on time.



Doctor Feelgood massage company is all about making people feel good. Because we know that if YOU feel good, you will make others feel good. And so the Feelgood spreads.

We believe in the value of taking care of yourself in the bigger perspective of positive change.

Doctor Feelgood stands for top quality therapeutic massage. With the DF-body-intake, you get the attention and treatment you need. Because no two people are alike, and every day we feel different. We offer only the best, because the best for you is ultimately the best for all of us.

Doctor Feelgood is the passionate vision of founder Esther van der Plas, a U.S. certified massage therapist who has been working with bands and celebrities from all over the world for the past fifteen years. Doctor Feelgood works with the best internationally certified massage therapists who are trained to perfection at the Doctor Feelgood Academy.

We hope to see you soon at Doctor Feelgood!

“Doctor Feelgood is all about making people feel good”



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